MFT Challenge Disc devices

MFT Challenge Disc 2.0

MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 Bluetooth

The multiaxial patented platform provides training for all performance levels and ages. The built-in motion sensor transfers measurement data to end-devices using Bluetooth 4.0. The stable base plate and stand plate with anti-slip coating on the surface provides the necessary safety.

MFT Challenge Disc USB

MFT Challenge Disc USB

The built-in motion sensor uses a USB 3.0 cable to transfer the measurement data to end-devices with Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. The required software can be downloaded for free.

MFT Challenge Disc gallery

Free with every MFT Challenge Disc:

Version 2.0 with Bluetooth

For the first time ever, you can now check and improve your coordination, balance and laterality wirelessly using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Bodyteamwork effect

With MFT Bodyteamwork training you have to actively unbalance and rebalance yourself in a targeted manner.

Perfect for physical therapy purposes

MFT Bodyteamwork – treat and avoid joint problems and back pain in the future.

I recommend the MFT Challenge Disc for improved performance and injury prevention in athletic training. Not only that, the Disc is excellently suited for therapeutic purposes, for example for unilateral loading of the musculoskeletal system and the associated imbalances. The Disc can also be used in rehabilitation programmes for restoring full physical performance after problems such as sprains, fractures, ligament and joint injuries, back pain, herniated discs or simply for fall prevention – to name just a few application areas.

Michael Koller, MPH

Sports Scientist and Training Therapist - Director of Sports Sciences at the CENTRE FOR PREVENTION, SPORTS MEDICINE, NUTRITION, SPORTS SCIENCES AND TRAINING THERAPY at the Vienna Sports Medicine Clinic